A BBQ is ideal for enjoying the summer weather and our long-lasting products are a great addition to your garden, or ideal for taking on camping holidays. A BBQ can be perfect for entertaining guests, family parties, or for being social with fellow campers. We provide a wide range of different BBQ products, enabling you to cook easily and effectively wherever you are. Our variety of products has something to suit everyone. We offer portable BBQs, which are well suited to camping, and many different styles of BBQ, which can be used the garden. From stainless steel roasters, to flat top BBQs and charcoal grills, the choices are endless. We cater for every requirement, whether you are looking for a BBQ for your family, or a small BBQ for your own use. We also offer BBQ accessories, to allow you to make the most of your BBQ. We provide stainless steel tool sets, to make cooking on your BBQ straightforward. Our products are designed to be practical and easy to clean, enabling you to BBQ without hassle. At CTC Witney, we strive to offer a high quality product range, which will meet the needs of all of our customers.